SOS Images

Hello and welcome to the online order site for Sams Valley Elementary School Pictures!  We are doing some things differently this year due to Covid-19 so please read over Order Form carefully. Please note that the packages are slightly different this year including the class composite which has been moved to an add-on package only.  

Please be assured we are taking precautions for Covid-19 exposure.  Unfortunately we will not be helping fix hair or clothes. This way there is no contact for pictures. We will be doing pictures this year standing up and would like to do all orders online unless you are unable to do so.  

If you are unable to pay online and need to pay cash or check, please bring payment in an envelope including package ordered, student information and parent contact information with you on Picture Day.  I will have a box for your student to leave it in. 

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me via phone or email. Hope you all stay well. Please take care and look forward to seeing everyone's smile again!   SOS Images